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Estate Planning & Probate

Now, more than ever, you need to have a comprehensive Estate Plan in place.  With talk of changing the tax code, you need a plan that will help protect you even if the tax laws change. 

Estate Planning

Working with either your accountant or our team of experts, The Law Offices of Mark C. Watson can set up an Estate Plan that works for you.  We can also set up an Estate Plan that can preserve your assets, even if you or your loved ones are sued. 

By having an Estate Plan in place, your family and loved ones will also avoid the high costs and delays of having a court probate your estate. 

If you already have an Estate Plan in place, we can review it for you.  We can also make necessary changes or modifications. These services are done for a small fee. 


If someone has passed away and needs to have their estate probated in court, The Law Offices of Mark C. Watson can do that as well. 

Flat Fee Pricing

When meeting with you, we discuss your situation and what is best for you and your family.  In most cases, we will develop a fixed price to set up your estate plan.  This way, you know up front what your cost will be.  There are never any hidden costs or surprises.

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