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Real Estate & Property Law

Mark Watson is one of the most prominent Real Estate/Property lawyers in the Bay Area.  Mr. Watson has and currently represents large real estate companies, property management companies, homeowners’ associations, realtors, homeowners, and tenants in a variety of cases.  Here are some of the type of disputes that Mr. Watson has handled.

Bad House Cases

Are you in a buyer/seller dispute that involves problems with the home or property that was sold?  If so, The Law Offices of Mark C. Watson can help you.  We can advise you of your rights or potential liability and map out a plan to keep your legal fees and expenses to a minimum while obtaining your goal.

Broker Defense

If you are an independent broker or agent and have been brought into a lawsuit due to alleged failure to make adequate disclosures, professional negligence, breach of contract, or on some other matter, The Law Offices of Mark C. Watson will fight to protect your rights and limit your exposure.

Another important service that we offer to real estate brokers and agents is advice to keep you out of court.  Many realtors discuss problems with transactions as a sale proceeds.  Doing so is much less costly than a court proceeding and will reduce the risk of having complaints filed against you with the Department of Real Estate.  Engaging The Law Offices of Mark C. Watson early on will also reduce the number of claims made against your errors & omissions insurance, which will result in lower premiums.

Mortgage Problems

Help for Homeowners

If you are having a problem with your mortgage or are in foreclosure, The Law Offices of Mark C. Watson can help.  For a reasonable fee, we will review your loan documents to see if there are any Truth In Lending Act (“TILA”) or Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act (“RESPA”) violations, as well as any other legal issues with your loan. 

If you are having trouble obtaining your documents, we can help get them for you.
We can help you renegotiate your loan and try to reduce the payments and lower the principal.  When appropriate, we can file an injunction to stop a foreclosure.

If you have requested an extension for a foreclosure sale and have not received one or are getting no reply we can, in many cases, enjoin the sale.  If the property was sold we can, in many cases, set aside the sale.

Assisting Realtors and Mortgage Specialists

If you are renegotiating a client’s loan or trying to do a short sale and are having problems with the lender, we can help you.  We can work with you and be your legal support as you go through the process.

Lenders will often act more quickly when they receive a letter, phone call or a legal notice from an attorney.  We can also provide legal advice to you and your clients and analyze loan documents for any RESPA or TILA violations.  We can help you with your negotiations with the bank. 

If you have requested an extension for a foreclosure sale and have not received one or are getting no reply, in many cases we can enjoin the sale.  If the property was sold, we may be able to set aside the sale.

Failed Real Estate Transaction

If you contracted to sell or buy a home and it did not close, or is having problems closing the sale, The Law Office of Mark C. Watson can help you.  Working with you, we can advise you of your rights and help finalize or terminate the sale while protecting your legal rights.  When necessary, we will negotiate a settlement or take the action to court to collect your damages, or in most cases, force the sale of the property.


Other Issues We Can Address

Eminent Domain

Boundary Disputes


Adverse Possession

Inverse Condemnation

Unlawful Detainers

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